Message from Academy Manager: Ref Pitches @ LPA

Dear All,

I feel the need to touch base with parents and players in relation to the ongoing issues we have currently with the pitches at Lydiard Park School.

Due to the adverse weather conditions over the past four months and in particular the low amount of rain fall, it has taken its toll on the pitches.

As a club we have tried with limited resources to maintain the six pitches, the limited maintenance we have carried out consists of myself, Seamus Brady, Lee Peacock and Sean Wood.

Lydiard Park School also use the pitches on a day to day basis, this limits what we can put in place to maintain them; Lydiard Park School’s only contribution to pitch maintenance is to have the grass cut once every two weeks.

The pitches are cut every week by Academy staff, we are now just waiting for significant rain fall to alleviate and reduce the issues we currently have.

Finally, it’s come to my attention that one or two parents have complained about the pitches; If you feel you don’t want your son to train or play on the pitches until they are softer then feel free to take him out of the training programme and games programme with our consent.

Kind Regards,

Alan Mcloughlin
Academy Manager