Multisport Info Update – Golf, Tennis & Gymnastics

Attending Gymnastics:
(12s)Harry Chard
(10s)Charlie Barlow
(11s)Archie hunt (can only do first session)
(10s)Harry Feeney
(8s)Kellan Pratley
(12s)Finlay Skittrall
(10s)Rudy Durand
(12s)Liam Hutt ( 13th Aug only)
(10s)Sam K (7th and 9th)
(8s)Sam Webster
(9s)Harley Adams (13th August)
(11s)George cook
(9s) Jason Harris
(9s) Beaudie Reed (13th only)
(11s) Max O’Reilly

1st Session: (7th Aug)
2nd Session: (9th Aug)
3rd Session: (13th Aug)

Cost: £5 per session
Venue: Swindon School of Gymnastics

2pm-3pm: 7,8,9 year olds
3pm-4pm: 10,11,12 year olds

Players: Attend in Shorts & T-shirt with a drink & money.

Attending Golf:
(10s)Ollie Rowe
(12s)Harry Chard
(10s)Charlie Barlow
(11s)Archie Hunt (misses first session)
(9s)Harry Feeney
(8s)Kellan Pratley
(11s)Dylan griffin
(13s)Josh Keyes ( 25,15,22,29th)
(12s)George Alston (8th,15th,29th Aug)
(11s)Owen Foye (misses first two)
(12s)Liam Hutt ( weds 15th onwards)
(11s) George Cook (not 25th)

Cost: All 5 Sessions £40. Individual sessions £10
Venue: Wrag Barn, Golf Club

3-4pm: All age groups together

1st Session: First session Wednesday 1st August, every Wednesday til Wednesday 29th Aug.

Players: Attend in shorts & t-shirt/polo, golf clubs provided(if you have your own bring them) & drink. Important players eat before training in the evening at the academy.

Attending Tennis:
(10s) Charlie Barlow
(11s) Max O’Reilly
(9s) Beaudie Reed (only 30th, 20th & 27th)
(12s) Finlay Skittrall
(9s) Jack Cox
(9s) Alfie Rhodes
(12s) CBS (not 30th or 20th Aug)
(10s) Rudy Durand (only 30th, 6th & 13th)

1st session: Monday 6th August
Venue: Delta Tennis Centre, Swindon
Cost: £5 per session

If you would like to join the sessions or have any questions, please send a text message Woody.