S&C Height Measurements *Foundation & Development Phase*

Dear Parents,

Following on from the presentation last Friday, we would like to collect your heights in order to calculate an ESTIMATION of your child’s adult height and give the coaching staff some vital information around growth & maturation. This information will also allow us to see how close your child is to his adult stature and adapt and tailor his training depending on how his body is growing and changing. We will monitor your child’s height and weight throughout the academy season, however, your height measurement is a one-off.

Although the attendance of both parents isn’t compulsory we would be very appreciative if both parents could attend the height measurements on either day, this greatly increases the accuracy of the player estimation. If only one parent is able to attend the measurement evenings, it would be extremely helpful if they could provide an accurate measurement of the other parent’s height. Without measurements from both parents, we cannot make a definitive estimation to inform our coaching staff

Foundation Phase – Mon 16th July 5.15pm onwards @LPA blue changing block.
Foundation Phase – Wed 18th July 5.15pm onwards @LPA blue changing block.
Development Phase – Thurs 19th July 5.15pm onwards @LPA
Development Phase – Thurs 26th Jul 5.15pm onwards @LPA

We would need as many parents to be measured over these two evenings as possible please, mum & dad.

If you are having trouble with these two set dates, please email Jack Deaman on Jack@swindontownfc.co.uk with your name and sons name.