Supportive Environment *Important Message – Please Read*

Hi Everyone,

On Monday 4th and Wednesday 6th February we are holding a
‘Parent’s/Parent/Relatives Evening’ – this will start at 6.30pm prompt and finish at 7.45pm in The Legend’s Lounge at The County Ground, Swindon.

This will be a fantastic opportunity to listen and engage regarding your Son’s/Grandson’s/Nephew’s Psychological Development; the evenings will focus on
‘Creating a Supportive Environment’.

Camilla Henderson, our Club Psychologist, will facilitate the evening and below are the range of areas Camilla will focus on:

Key Objectives for the ‘Support Evening’ – What to Expect?

Key Topics:
– Sport Psychology – Why/What/How – with the STFC Environment – EPPP.
– The importance of promoting the Growth Mindset: Home/School/STFC.
– Feedback Development – How do we deliver better feedback systems? (After Matches/Training)
– Wellbeing – How can we promote better mental health & well-being?
What Will Be Discussed:
– Open Discussions – Opportunity for parents to discuss how we tackle the challenges faced when supporting Youth Academy Players.
– Take Homes – Applied help for Parents: Useful tips, tools & take homes for parents (applied to all age groups). When tackling the issues/core challenges presented (Discussed in the session)
As the Academy Manger, I regard this area of development to be pivotal in their ability to progress within a demanding and testing environment. They need your support and you need to know how to develop your range of knowledge to support their journey through the Academy system; and hopefully into the professional world of football or be better prepared to cope with demands of further education and other outside interests away from our club.

I would like at the very least one adult from each family who has a son/grandson/nephew in the Academy to attend your appropriate Phase evening. We will have a register of attendance on both evenings and I would hope your attendance reflects your willingness to develop and assist in their on-going personal and Professional Development.

Many Thanks,
Alan Mcloughlin