Important Safeguarding Message – Academy Manager

Important Safeguarding Message

It has come to our attention that a young Swindon Town Academy Player has been the victim of attempted Internet sexual grooming; this has happened through Instagram. There have been images and video calling and evidence of this has been collected by Thames Valley police.

I would just like to make you aware of this incident, as I know that there have been other children who have also been sent images and messages from this person, and I know that many of the Swindon Town Academy players follow each other on Instagram and other Social Media sites.

Therefore, I would just like you to have an extra check of your child’s Instagram account to make sure that there is nothing to be concerned about. This person has been removed from Instagram and Police are aiming to prosecute, but I thought this would be a good opportunity to raise the importance to your children of secure and responsible Internet and Social Media usage.

Just to remind you all that our designated ‘Safeguarding Officer’ at Swindon Town is Matt Waters, if you have any concerns can you please get in touch:

Many Thanks,
Alan Mcloughlin