Injuries – Message from Academy Manager

Hi Everyone,

Can I just reiterate once again our Academy Injury protocol procedure?

If a player is injured in training or in a game for STFC or picks up an injury away from Swindon Town FC, then we have strict return to training and games medical procedures:

– Report the injury to Katharine Francis via email asap will then book you in for an appointment to see her in the clinic at The County Ground as soon as possible.
– Katharine will assess the injury and advise the player/parent/coaching staff when the player will return to training and when he will be considered available for selection for games.

Parents must stop calling age group coach and giving assessment of the injuries received and then determine to our staff when that player will be able to return to training or games.

If a player misses training due to injury, that player can’t return to training or games without first being assessed by either Katharine or one of our fully qualified physios; who Katharine will have been in contact to arrange an assessment of the player if she isn’t available.

As a club we need to have all injuries documented for future reference and for our own professional medical practice.

If a player fails to arrive to training or a fixture and contact hasn’t been made to the relevant age group coaches to explain the absence from either a parent/guardian, then that player won’t be considered for selection for the next fixture for STFC.

Thank you for taking the time to read this important message.

Alan Mcloughlin